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  • Before you download content from the website database as a customer, you should read this ‘License to use”(hereinafter - the “License”)in advance, If you disagree with one or more of the terms of this License, please do not download. If you download content from the Website database, you are deemed to have read this License in detail and agree to all of its terms. The preceding content refer to design materials that can be used for design, including but not limited to 3D models, architectural drawings,textures, images, pictures, etc.

  • When You, as a Customer, download a content from the Website Database for free or following a successful payment of an applicable license fee for the content, Relebook grants You a non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, worldwide and revocable license.

  • We do not grant ownership of the contents. Therefore, by downloading a content, you do not acquire ownership of the content itself, but only a license to use that content.

  • You are allowed to use our contents for many kinds of projects,you can use it in a 3D model of your own design. However, you are not allowed to resell or give away our contents as textures, texture packs, model,design materials, model database,clipart or any other product that competes with our website.

  • Content downloaded may be used for personal and commercial use (provided the use is in compliance with these terms and conditions). Content may be modified to suit your needs. When using the downloaded contents, you must comply with the following requirements.

  • If you have any dispute over the copyright of the design material, please do not download it and contact us.

You are permitted to:

  • Use Content in 2D or 3D computer graphics, Architectural design, interior design, website design, advertising banners, movies, television shows and printed media;

  • Incorporate the Content in computer games and 3D models and 3D scenes;

  • Sell or distribute 3D models bundled with modified versions of the Content, and only if you add the following text to the documentation accompanying the model:"One or more design materials on this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed; please visit for more information.";

  • For scrapbooking work, but only if you are the end-user of the work. Resale of the Content as scrapbooking packs, scrapbooking papers, templates, etc, is explicitly forbidden (even when the Content is modified);

  • Record contents on your own electronic media, for example, on a CD, DVD, flash drive, portable hard drive, including recording in the memory of a computer or mobile phone;

  • Public display, which means any demonstration of the renderings through the content on a screen or by live performance to an indefinite range of persons;

  • Create derivative works through downloaded design materials;

  • Use the downloaded design material for architectural or interior design, draw construction drawings and build it;

  • Relebook reserves the right of distribution, information network dissemination, broadcasting and reproduction to the customer, and in any case the customer shall not use the downloaded design material for profit activities.

You are not permitted to:

  • Distribution of contents recorded on electronic media (hard disks, etc.);

  • Rental of contents recorded on electronic media (hard disks, etc.);

  • Share or license downloaded content to other people or companies, unless it is required for the production of your project;

  • Sell or distribute any content (modified or not) by themselves or in a texture pack, material, shader, scale modelling papers (pre-printed or digital), scrapbooking pack;

  • Sell or distribute the 3D models you download;

  • Directly display 3D model source files without rendering;

  • Bundle content with software such as paint programs, plugins, 3D engines, 3D programs or photo-kiosk software;

  • Use the content to create marketing materials for competing products or services, including - without limitation – marketing materials for texture libraries, model libraries,material libraries and/or material creation software;

  • Use the content in connection with deep learning, machine learning, algorithm training, neural networks, machine vision, image recognition or other artificial intelligence technologies;

  • Release the content or derivative products with content under Open Source Licences;

  • Use a program or script to automatically download (all) content on the Website;

  • Interfere with the security or otherwise abuse, disrupt, place excessive loads on, or attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Website or any system resources or networks connected to this website;

  • Use the downloaded content to register industrial property rights, trademark rights, and copyrights;

  • Rent or lend the website account to others for downloading content,Or authorize others to download the content;

  • Stored on a public server or a self-built database for others to download, whether for a fee or not.

In addition to the above, observe:

  • Changing the content does not make it a separate Derivative Work. Because the design material used to assemble the modified copy of the content is still the content we license to you. If you claim copyright in the modified work, you should obtain the consent from us.

  • The content may not be sold, transferred or assigned to another person or entity in the form in which it was downloaded from the Website Database, or in any other form that is not a Derivative Work, including but not limited to a modified content.

  • Contents must not be published, distributed, or made available through the infrastructure of any online repository in the form in which they are downloaded from the Website Database, or in any other form that does not constitute a Derivative Work, including but not limited to a modified content.

  • Contents must not be used for any defamatory, pornographic, obscene or racist purpose, or to violate the intellectual property rights of any person.

  • Contents should not be used to create marks for goods and services or a logo for a legal entity. This Agreement does not contain consent to register objects of copyright as trademarks and service marks.

  • You must not impersonate the real creator of the content.

  • Relebook allows the Customer to use the content without mentioning the name of the Author, that is, anonymously, but prohibits impersonating the author of the content.

  • The Customer's use of the contents must not undermine the honour, dignity or reputation of others.

  • The Customer must ensure that his use of the contents does not contradict the requirements of Applicable Law and does not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyright and related rights, trademark and service marks, appellations of origin, patented invention rights, utility models and industrial designs, the right to use images of living and deceased people, etc.

  • The content you download is only licensed to you; you do not become the owner of the content. Also, in rare cases a photo may show a logo, brand name or copyrighted design. Aforementioned material in the content is for reference only, and you should change it after downloading. Be careful with these types of photo, because the owner of the logo, brand or design might not like it when it's used in your work. The use content in which such material is incorporated is at your own discretion and for your own risk and responsibility.



  • This License is valid during the term of the Agreement. Termination of this Agreement will result in the revocation of this License.

  • If your license is revoked, you must immediately stop using the downloaded contents, delete all of them and any copies you have made.

  • Breach of this Agreement immediately terminates your rights and License to use the contents.

  • You are solely responsible for the content Authors for any violation of the terms of this License.

  • If you have any questions you can always Contact Us by